About Us

  vACC Ukraine is a member of VATSIM community that represents Ukraine in the world of virtual aviation and provides air traffic control services on the territory of our country. Our main goal is to present you all the necessary information you may need to fly in or out of Ukraine as well as for other flights in the state airspace. This includes charts, sceneries, local documents and rules.

Also we are a community of people who enjoys Flight Simulator and develop our own products so that our hobby became more realistic and interesting for everyone involved. We always looking forward for those, who would not only like to fly on VATSIM, but also for those, who want to provide air traffic control services, develop new learning material, teach people a new things and create sceneries, add-ons, web-content and events.

You can get more information about vACC Ukraine on official site - https://www.vacc-ua.org