Jan 07 2029

  • Bug fixed when element number one is selected on Key request form if any item label clicked.
  • Decreased label length of few items on Key request form.
  • Key copy to clipboard implemented. You can copy key by clicking on it in Key management form.

Aug 04 2019
New endpoint added - cs_info. Endpoint will return VATSIM member info by it's callsign.

Also I've finaly added basic admin functionality, so no more manual database edits to activate API key :D
And now I'm will be notified of all new key requests.

May 06 2019
Additional checks added for booking function.

Mar 29 2019
New endpoint added - airports_in_range. This endpoint will return all airports within specified range from lat/lon point or from online pilot.

Feb 12 2019
New endpoint added - traffic_oc. This endpoint return all pilots that currently located over territory (including grounded) of selected contry/contries.
Desired country/countries selected via filter header using Alpha-3 codes. More...

Changelog section added where we will announce all related changes.